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Your personal reputation matters. At Regain Your Name we aim to help you remove damaging lies, gossip, rumor and privacy issues from the internet. We can show you how to remove Google search results, Facebook posts, private images and abusive blogs - legally and permanently.

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What we offer

Free initial advice

Contact us using this website. We will offer free advice for victims of stalking and trolling on how to delete the offensive material. We'll also suggest how to prevent it happening again and how to secure 'your name' in search results to ensure any future bullying will not have significant impact on search results. Contact Us

E-Safety Advice for Schools

We can analyse and suggests ways to improve your current e-safety provision, create bespoke policies and guidance materials for staff, write and deliver presentations and curriculum teaching content for pupils, parents and staff; and help you prevent, deal with and delete instances of bullying and trolling on the internet.

What We Do

Regain your name cyberbullying victim support and personal reputation management provides confidential advice and video guides to help you to remove offensive, defamatory, stolen or private material from the internet. Our guides use proven strategies which will empower you to deal with google, facebook, twitter, email and more.

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Latest Reputation Management News

  • Is Google a threat to your freedom and repuation?

    How to remove cyberbullying from Google search results

    How to delete Google search results due to defamation, slander, cyberbullying, copyright, privacy and reputation attacks Included in the 9 Video and eBook anti Google cyberbullying and Reputation Management bundle: How and where to sign up to Google to remove cyberbullying material effectively. How to remove out of date search results. How to complain about […]

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  • No 2 Bullying Conference Banner

    2015 No 2 Bullying Conference

                The 2015 No 2 Bullying Conference will be held on the 29-30 June 2015 at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise and hosted by the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association. The Conference program will continue the journey for our commitment and continuing support for Bullying Prevention and Education. Bullying […]

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  • Bullying with computers is wrong

    Why ‘naming and shaming’ cyberbullies is a really bad idea

    Recently we’ve come across a number of ‘name and shame’ style sites which offer to publish the names of cyberbullies and shame them on the internet. They’ve been around for many years, but recently there’s been a spate of more ‘monetized’ and aggressive  operations. In our experience, these sites – while tempting to victims who […]

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  • Abuse on Twitter is illegal

    Twitter – What happens when you report harassment and will Twitter delete the tweet?

    With Twitter very much in the news in the UK and US regarding publicity about the ineffective and difficult to use nature of its reporting system, we’ve gone through the stats of our cases in the last 18 months and examined how effective we think Twitter’s reporting system really is. This is what we’ve found […]

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  • Submit - the documentary - cyberbullying

    Watch the Submit the Documentary and Project Anti-Bully PSA

    New anti-bullying PSA released Submit the Documentary and Project Anti-Bully have teamed up to create a PSA which is well worth watching. Northview High School student Carishma Chinoy said: “I enjoyed creating a video like this PSA because it is my own way of standing up for every teen that has been cyberbullied or bullied. […]

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  • Submit the documentary. Cyberbullying kills

    Submit the Documentary : the damage caused by cyberbullying

    A must see film for educators, parents and students Submit the documentary is an hour long series of vignettes exploring the damage caused by cyberbullying. Victims describe their experiences, the scope of which is narrated by friends, families and academic and psychology experts to create a complete picture of the all too pervasive internet problem. […]

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  • Stalking is a heinous crime

    Cyberbullying, cyberstalking and online harassment – a UK study

    Is the prosecution of cyberstalking and online harassment in the UK a postcode lottery? Earlier this month, we sent an email containing a hypothetical scenario of cyberstalking, based on a number of real cases we have seen, to all the police forces in the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service and (as suggested  by two police […]

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  • Bullying-Logo

    2013 No 2 Bullying Conference

    The 2013 No 2 Bullying Conference The 2013 No 2 Bullying Conference will be held at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast from Wednesday 22nd to Thursday 23rd May. It is proudly hosted by the “not for profit” Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association Inc. The theme of the Conference is “Managing […]

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  • Cyberbullying Laws around the world

    Cyberbullying and the Law – what you can do

    Cyberbullying Law – in your region Laws, legal and quasi-legal provision by country What to quote and use when you complain to law enforcement or police about online and social media harassment, cyberbullying, stalking or threats. The United States Alabama Ala. Code § 13A-11-8 For schools and students: The Alabama Student Harassment Prevention Act – […]

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  • Is Google a threat to your freedom and repuation?

    How to Bury Ripoff Reports in Google search results

    Dealing with Ripoff Reports and unfounded accusations The scenario – you search your name  on Google. On page one there’s a negative site claiming that you are a fraud, a con artist, a liar or similar. How do you deal with this to avoid inflaming the situation? We receive a lot of queries from victims […]

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  • Cyberslammed. Cyberbullying help for parents, teachers and schools

    Cyberbullying: Cyberslammed by Kay Stephens and Vinitha Nair

    Cyberslammed: featured book review An essential cyberbullying resource Cyberslammed is an innovative guide to the nature and scope of  cyberbullying. It provides positive perceptual and psychological techniques to help understand and minimise the effects. Tactics to prevent and deal with cyberbullying are discussed in a workbook format well-suited for use in schools and home education. […]

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  • Hacked by a cyberstalker

    DIY DMCA – use copyright infringement to deal with cyberbullying

    Using DMCA to deal with cyberbulling Currently, one of the most effective ways of removing unpleasant instances of cyber-bullying is by submitting a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) copyright infringement notice. We’ve found that in 70% of the cyber bullying and stalking cases we’ve dealt with, 95% have involved the cyber bully using a stolen […]

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  • Don't let Google own your life

    Rumour of new Google policy: ignore DMCA takedown notices for images on social networking sites

    Is Google ignoring DMCA requests? Update 30/09/2012: Whilst the content of the below article is still valid, the reasons behind Google’s stance has become clearer. Earlier this year, Google decided to penalize the ranking of  websites which had received large numbers of valid copyright infringement notices. This was aimed at penalizing music and software piracy […]

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  • Anti-bullying week

    Anti Bullying Week 2012

    To coincide with Anti-Bullying Week 2012, have repriced a special edition eBook bundle comprising two eBooks, one dealing with removing cyberbullying and harassment from Facebook, and the second explaining how to delete defamation and offensive material from Google search results. The special offer two eBook deal is available until the end of December 2012 […]

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  • regainyournamelogoscreensmall121

    New prices for cyberbullying and reputation management products

    Regain your name ( has launched highly competitive new prices for December. eBooks detailing how to delete harassment, cyberbullying and defamation from Facebook and Google search results are available now. Prices have been slashed as we look to position our company as the most affordable reputation repair service on the planet. We also provide free initial […]

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