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Helping You To Safeguard and Secure Your Internet Presence

Your reputation matters

At Regain Your Name we aim to help you remove damaging lies, gossip, rumors, historical digital footprints, personal data and privacy issues from the internet.

We can help you

We can show you how to remove Google search results, Facebook posts, personal images and abusive comments – legally and permanently.

Helping You To Protect Your Online Reputation

Keep Control of Google Search Results And Your Digital Footprint

It’s a nightmare. You type your name in on Google and something nasty comes up. Maybe something from years ago, best forgotten, resurfaces in a search result – do you want to remove it? We can show you how to do this. Our videos detail how to remove out of date links on Google, how to deal with breaches of copyright and stolen images or text and how to contact a real person at google and make a complaint about privacy, defamation or illegal activity. Initial advice is free.

Removing illegal search results

How to deal with someone impersonating you

Postive online reputation management

How to dominate your name search

How to delete personal information on Google

How to take down personal pictures which have been copied

How to delete cyberstalking appearing in Google search results

Compliance Questions?

We can audit your website for compliance with government policy, privacy, personal data, ICO, GDPR, DfE, ASA, CAP, FTC, affiliate rules (including major retailers), search engine Webmaster Guidelines, dangerous spam links, duplicate content, malware, crawling anomalies and much more.

Advice For Schools

We can analyse and suggest ways to improve your current e-safety provision, create bespoke policies and guidance materials for staff, write and deliver presentations and curriculum teaching content for pupils, parents and staff; and help you prevent, deal with and delete instances of bullying and trolling on the internet.

Leave The Stress To Us

Website vanished on Google? Dealing with Google Manual Actions

We can draft take-downs, DMCA (copyright infringement notifications) and Google Manual Action submissions for you. We can also direct you to organisations who will monitor your intellectual property and seek damages from plagiarists. 

Training and INSET

 We offer in house and third party recommended E-Safety and Online Safety – Workplace internet and AUP courses, copyright good practice and adherence, CPD, bespoke policies and guidance. This includes help with combating workplace bullying, particularly when it crosses from offline to online

Dealing with internet lies

Are you the victim of a cyberbullying or cyberstalking website? Has someone set up a website with the sole purpose of ruining your life and reputation? can show you how to tackle this nightmare yourself. Our videos detail who to contact, how to trace the offender and how to word the complaint. Our bundles include sample emails and letters to send to website hosts to get such websites either taken down completely, or result in the removal of the unpleasant material. Initial reputation management advice is free.

How to report and delete content on websites or blogs

Have you just found something really revolting on a blog which involves your name? Has someone stolen a treasured photograph and published it online? Do you want a bullying blog post removed? can show you how to deal with this for yourself. Our videos show you who to contact, and what to say. We provide example emails and letters for you to adapt take down that cyberstalker’s blog. We’ll teach you how to make best use of the blog’s terms or service and use it to your advantage and get that stuff removed.

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How to delete posts on Facebook or Instagram
Are you the victim of cyberbullying or cyberstalking on Facebook or Instagram? Is someone impersonating you? Has someone uploaded a photo they have no right to use? can help you sort such problems out for yourself. Our videos and ebooks show you how to get this stuff removed, who to contact and how to make that complaint. We can show you how to contact a real person at facebook. We also provide strategies to try to make sure this doesn’t happen to you again. Initial email advice is free.

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How to remove lies on Wikipedia
Did you click on Wikipedia and find a whole load of nonsense and lies about you? Or even worse is someone cyberstalking your name or the name of your business on the world’s biggest online encyclopedia. can show you how to get rid of this and put the truth back online. Our videos show you how to deal with this yourself. We detail how to remove the content, how to contact to get the cyberstalking banned, how to trace who the cyberstalker is and how to protect your online Wikipedia entry against vandalism.

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How to report offensive emails

Are you receiving offensive emails? Is your mailbox filling up with spam, and despite your best efforts to tell the sender to stop they keep sending more? Are you the victim of poison pen emails or nasty threatening messages? can show you how to stop this nuisance and harassment yourself. Our guides detail who to contact and how, and what actions you can take to make sure that you never receive such emails again and the sender cannot send them again.

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How to report and delete content on Twitter

Are you receiving unpleasant tweets? Is someone mentioning you or using your name in defamatory posts on Is a Twitter account being used to cyberbully you or spread lies about you? can show you how to deal with this yourself. Our guides detail how to contact a real person at and make a complaint which will have results. We show you how to track the progress of that complaint. We also show how to counter bad things said about you on Twitter to ensure no-one else is likely to read them.

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What We Offer

Free initial advice
Contact us using this website. We will offer free advice for victims of stalking and trolling on how to delete the offensive material. We’ll also suggest how to prevent it happening again and how to secure ‘your name’ in search results to ensure any future bullying will not have significant impact on search results. Contact Us

Regain your name cyberbullying victim support and personal reputation management provides confidential advice and video guides to help you to remove offensive, defamatory, stolen or private material from the internet. Our guides use proven strategies which will empower you to deal with google, facebook, twitter, email and more.


“Very professional organization.
Provides helpful guidance when asked via the contact form. They go out of their way to be helpful. Prompt and professional responses. They know what they are talking about.”


“I bought a cyberbullying removal guide and it did exactly what it said on the advert. The questions were answered and everything made sense. Facebook and Google have removed all the bullying comments. The advisor was helpful and there was no hard sell.”


“The adviser was very flexible, calm and collected and nothing was too much trouble. The video package a treat to watch and I feel blessed to have a new insight on the internet.”


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Regain your name reputation management consultancy and advice

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We offer a range of fixed price and bespoke consultancy services to help you audit, remove and deal with reputation management issues. 

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Video & eBook self-help guides

We offer issue specific packs and more wide-ranging bundles of eBooks and videos to cover common reputation management scenarios.  

Regain your name reputation management bookshop

Our recommended books

Have a look at our suggested self-help books covering how to deal with cyberbullying, stalking, harassment, defamation and  toxic workplaces.

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Free advice for cyberbullying victims

We offer free advice via email to victims of cyberbullying via our Contact Us page. Our aim is to educate you how to deal with, such as damaging search results, negative comments on social media and websites which steal your photos. We won’t do the work for you – that’s how we keep the costs to nothing – but we will offer bespoke, case by case, advice specific to your issue. There’s no fee, no selling and we keep your emails secure and we never pass on information to third parties, ‘case studies’ or media.

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