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Delete trolling and cyberbullying on Facebook

Is Facebook a nightmare for you? Are there malicious comments you want deleted? Has someone published a photo of you on their wall without permission which you want removed? Has you child created a Facebook account and you can’t remove it? has launched a series of Video guides and an eBook offering easy to follow step by step instructions for deleting material from Facebook.

The videos focus on how to remove defamation, libel, slander, lies, malicious comments, harassment, cyberbullying, bullying and confidential information about you from Facebook profiles, groups, walls, and comments.

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Instructions are also provided which show the user how to delete the profiles of children under the age of 13, (whether your own child or not), and how to remove unauthorized photographs.

Other topics are the removal or “locking” of accounts belonging to a person who has died, and how to remove suicidal comments and comments which might have pre-empted the suicidal comments – for example, instances of cyberbullying.

Stolen material, such as photographs or text copied without permission are discussed, included how to report such material and how to delete not only the material but the Facebook profile featuring it.

The video bundle is competitively priced for both personal and site (business or eduction) licenses.

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Regain Your Name Facebook Video & eBook bundle - personal license edition

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