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Google & Facebook anti cyberbullying eBook

Included in the Google & Facebook cyberbullying and harassment removal guide eBook bundle:

  1. How to remove unauthorized pictures from Facebook
  2. How to complain about and remove defamation and cyberbullying material from Google and Facebook.
  3. How to complain about and remove adult material featuring your name or the name of your business.
  4. How to make an effective copyright (DMCA) complaint for stolen text or photographs, and get that page removed from Google and Facebook.
  5. How to remove confidential information from Google and Facebook.
  6. How to remove an underage child’s profile from Facebook.
  7. And much more in 150 pages of step by step illustrated instructions and advice.

Facebook and Google eBooks (personal license)

Facebook and Google eBooks (business license)

Delete cyber bullying, defamation and harassment

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This limited time offer eBook bundle completely covers how to remove and delete cyberbullying, harassment, adult cyber stalking, defamation, offensive comments, bogus reviews, slander, personal and confidential information, workplace bullying via the internet, malicious falsehood, unauthorised photos and stolen or copied content (copyright violation) on Facebook and Google search results.

Suitable for individuals, businesses & schools

There are personal license and business (site) license editions suitable for individuals, small businesses, corporations and educational establishments who want to deal with these problems on the internet without having to pay the huge costs of lawyers or the time required to deal with law enforcement.

Delete content from Facebook

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These regain your name reputation management eBooks make it easy to deal with problems on Facebook. Cyberbullying comments, stalking, the publication of unauthorised photograph, stolen photos or photos copied without permission can all be deleted permanently, and step by step instructions are provided detailing how to achieve this. Up to date contact forms and reporting methods are provided to ensure your complaints and reports get directly to a real person at Facebook to ensure speedy deletion. Other topics covered included the removal and deletion of Facebook profiles set up by children under the age of 13 – a very useful resource for parents, educators, teachers, schools and school boards. Schools acting ‘in loco parentis’ can report such profiles to Facebook and facilitate their removal and permanent deletion – and this process is described in detail in the eBook, making this guide a must for those coordinating anti cyberbullying  in education.