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If you are asking for advice on a cyberbullying, online stalking or harassment issue, please provide full details including web addresses (urls) to enable us to provide a step-by-step response.

Frequently Asked

What do you offer? personal reputation management is dedicated to helping you deal with the huge problem of defamation, cyberbullying and cyberstalking on the internet.

How much does it cost?

Our initial advice via this website, or our Twitter support, is free. Our eBook and video resources, and consultancy services are priced on this website. 

Do you remove stuff?

Our aim is to educate and show you how to get rid of content, for good, and in ‘the right way.’ Regain Your Name exists to help victims of cyberbullying and trolling to reclaim their online presence and remove offensive material.

Regain Your Name does not undertake payment to remove content from websites or search results, nor does Regain Your Name act to remove content on behalf of clients for payment.

Our rationale is that it is far more effective to educate victims and explain how victims can effect content removal themselves, using appropriate methods.

What's your history in the field?

Formed in 2010 by a reputation management consultant and a victim of cyber stalking and harassment, we hope to offer advice to individuals, schools and anti-bullying advocates based on our considerable experience in this field.

All of our advice material stems from real examples of removing grossly offensive material on the web. We only give advice based on what has worked for us.

We also offer bespoke training solutions, speakers for conference events, schools, educational organizations, the media, and private consultancy. Our initial email advice is free.

Will you 'bury' content?

We don’t offer to ‘bury’ material as a first option, and we strongly advise against subverting laws or using underhand means to achieve search engine removals. In our experience, legal white-hat methods are permanent, and underhand ‘black-hat’ methods invariably result in material returning.

Personal Reputation Management Resources

Delete Facebook Cyberbullying


We offer a range of eBook, video or bespoke advice regarding removing content from Facebook. 



Twitter’s systems for reporting harrassment are evolving. Contact us to discuss what works.

Delete Google Cyberbullying

Google Search Results

Have a look at our detailed eBooks and videos that cover every aspect of reporting content to Google. 

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