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Do not let the cyberbully on Twitter win!

Removing and getting rid of cyberbullying tweets and defamatory posts is always the best policy, and our eBook and video guides detail how to do this thoroughly.

However, sometimes, the cyberbully will then simply create another Twitter account and begin posting again. Some people never learn. But if this happens the likelihood is that the cyberbully will have very few, if any, followers – and most of the few followers will probably be automated follow back computer accounts, in other words, not human.

So no-one is following the posts, but still, they keep appearing and you want to ensure no-one will chance upon them. In this scenario, burying the unpleasant Tweets under a barrage of pleasant Tweets is the way to go. There’s one piece of software we recommend, and use, to achieve this. allows you to create automated RSS feeds which can post lots of relevant non-spammy targeted news articles every day. When you keyword this content with hashtagged words and phrases which match those used by the cyberbully, the cyberbully will have no chance of competing. Add RSS feeds relevant to your location and consider the amount of frequently updated content and you can ensure that Twitter’s search results (and therefore anything picked up by search engines) will only include your Tweets – the cyberbully’s tweet won’t be frequent, relevant or hashtagged enough to compete with your content.

To find sources for relevant news, use either Google or Bing. Bing is better. Goes to the news tab and search for news articles relevant to your profile, location, area, or whatever your cyberbully is tweeting about. Use the “advanced” search features to limit the results by time, country, etc. When the results appear, someone on the search page there will be an “RSS” button. On it’s near the top, on Google, it’s at the bottom. Right-click and copy the link address. This is the “feed address” you will need to paste into TwitterFeed. TwitterFeed will then automatically pick out any new items which match this search, without you having to do anything.

Not only that, in the advanced options, Twitterfeed allows you to add hashtag keywords to each item posted. So, if your cyberbully troll is tweeting incessantly that you are an “X” who does “Y” in the location of “Z”, you can add the hashtags “X”, “Y” and “Z” to every relevant tweet that is pushed via your profile. The result will be that your tweets will appear on searches, and the cyberbully’s tweets will not.

This method of dealing with your Cyberbully works within Twitter’s rules and doesn’t involve any contact or engagement with your cyberbully. It may be the case that your troll simply doesn’t realize that his/her tweets are not appearing on searches, are not being indexed and are not being read by anyone; leaving the cyberbully safely deluded in their own world and not affecting you.