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How to delete Google search results due to defamation, slander, cyberbullying, copyright, privacy and reputation attacks

Included in the 9 Video and eBook anti Google cyberbullying and Reputation Management bundle:

  1. How and where to sign up to Google to remove cyberbullying material effectively.
  2. How to remove out of date search results.
  3. How to complain about and remove defamation and other illegal material.
  4. How to complain about and remove adult material featuring your name or the name of your business.
  5. How to make an effective copyright (DMCA) complaint for stolen text or photographs, and get that page removed from Google search results.
  6. How to remove confidential information from Google search results.

Video & eBook bundle (personal license)

Video & eBook bundle (business license)

How to delete content from Google search results

Have you been slandered on the web? Has someone written a bogus, false or defamatory review about your business? Do you want content removed from Google search results due to privacy or copyright violation? Is confidential information up on the web without your permission?

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Our reputation video and eBook bundle on removing and deleting content from Google search results can show you how to clean up Google search results and regain your reputation.

The bundle guide covers:

  • Copyright claims for removing stolen photos, images and text.
  • How to remove adult content featuring your name or the name of your business.
  • How to report defamatory content, lies and untrue statements to delete and action the removal by Google.
  • How to delete out of date pages from Google search results.
  • How to remove pages which have been deleted, but which still appear in Google search results.
  • How to remove confidential and private personal information, such as signatures, government ID, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or bank details from Google’s search results.
  • Tips and tricks on how to use Google’s automated services to ban offensive websites and pages, permanently, from Google’s search results.
  • How to expedite your reports to Google and track the progress of your complaints to Google.
  • And much more in the 96 page eBook guide and over an hours’s worth of video tutorials.

Our eBooks and videos feature easy to follow step by step instructions. They will enable you to deal with cyberbullying, slander, defamation and privacy issues yourself, without needing to pay for expensive laywers or involve law enforcement.