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Online image repair | Cyberbullying self-help

Facebook anti cyberbullying bundle

Included in the Facebook anti cyberbullying bundle:

  • How to report cyberbullying, cyberstalking and privacy issues on Facebook.
  • Detailed instructions for parents and school administrators on how to remove profiles, comments and photos on behalf or your children or pupils.
  • How to ensure you communicate with a real person at Facebook.
  • Strategies to use applicable local laws to remove content.
  • How to use Facebook’s ‘Terms of Service’ to make a complaint which will work.
  • How to make an effective copyright (DMCA) complaint for stolen text or photographs, and provide proof that the content is yours.
  • Advice on removing ‘profiles’ or ‘pages’ on Facebook which feature offensive content.
  • How to remove profiles and pictures of underage children from Facebook.
  • Over an hour of easy to follow step by step instructions.
  • Useful for parents, teenagers and schools, school boards and Local Education Authorities. Particularly useful for meeting the requirements and providing educational material  to cover Ofsted E-Safety guidelines, Safeguarding,  ICT, PSHE,  Safer Internet Week, Stop Cyber Bullying day, National School Board Cyberbullying Prevention Curriculum and Overarching Learning Outcome 13.

Video & eBook bundle (personal license)

Video & eBook bundle (business license)