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The 2013 No 2 Bullying Conference

No 2 Bullying Conference Logo - Gold Coast Australia 2013

The 2013 No 2 Bullying Conference will be held at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast from Wednesday 22nd to Thursday 23rd May. It is proudly hosted by the “not for profit” Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association Inc.
The theme of the Conference is “Managing the Impacts of Bullying: Prevention, Policy and Practice”, with the focus being to highlight the issues and impacts of bullying and provide initiatives towards positive change.
You will have the opportunity to hear from thought leaders, practitioners, academics, researchers and educators whilst conference streams will address School, Cyber and Workplace Bullying.
The program will include material on:

  • Building coping strategies for all parties involved
  • Costs of bullying: Communities and Companies
  • General health to Mental Health: Effects and Rehabilitation
  • Interventions
  • Identifying and measuring bullying
  • Risk factors
  • The law and bullying
  • Types of bullying

Please visit the conference website for further details.