DMCA Copyright Infringement Take-Down drafting service

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Has someone stolen your photo? Has a website used your text without permission? Has a video for which you own the copyright turned up on the internet without your permission? Has someone copied your facebook or twitter images without asking?

We can show you how to use the DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act to get these images, text, videos or other digital information deleted and removed.

You tell us the issue – we will draft a DMCA take-down notice and provide you with full instructions on how to submit it to Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other website or internet provider.


What you need to tell us

  • A list of the website addresses containing content you would like removed.
  • Detailed reasons as to why you believe the content to be infringing your copyright – with details and the addresses of the pages where the original (ie your) material is located.
  • What action you have already tried to take (if applicable).
  • A list of the web addresses where the infringing content appears, and/or a list of the search terms which make the infringing content appear. (For example, the words you type on google which result in stolen content appearing in search results.)

NB – Please note – we are happy to advise you on our view as to the likelihood of the DMCA take-down request succeeding prior to your purchase. However, please bear in mind there is never a 100% possibility of success – even for a perfectly drafted and valid DMCA request.

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Your Message – Please detail in full the nature of the problem, including web addreses (urls)

The name or name of business affected 1 (required)

Google/Bing/Yahoo search words which result in the offending material appearing. Please list these words or phrases on separate lines. Please detail which search engine(s) you are concerned about (required)

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